Sports related Injuries

  Ligament repair: In selected patients, ACL/ PCL repair can give a normal knee function        negating the need for a reconstruction. Medial and Lateral Collaterals can also be repaired    early on after an injury esp if associated with avulsion

  Ligament reconstruction: Early recovery with a bone and soft tissue preserving ACL/ PCL  reconstruction. "All Inside" ligament reconstructions along with the newly rediscovered ALL  reconstruction.

  Meniscal repair: All Inside, Inside Out and Outside in Meniscal repairs

  Meniscal scaffolds: Menisci are important and if not repairable, then can be replaced with  artificial meniscal scaffolds or using Allograft meniscal transplants

       Knee replacements and further 

  Total Knee Replacements

  Revision Knee Replacements

  Two stage revisions for infected TKRs

                         Management of Young Arthritic knees

  Realignment Osteotomies- Tibial +/ Femoral

  UniCompartmental Knee Replacements

  Patellofemoral knee replacements

  Chondro regenerative procedures


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