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Since I had experience of an Arthroscopy surgery by Dr. Anant Joshi, a renowned doctor in sports medicine, I straightway approached him for consultation when my son Pankaj Shet had a fall and destabilise patella. Dr. Anant Joshi after examining the case, took us to Dr Bhushan Sabnis introducing him as highly skilled with new technologies and specialising in these type of surgeries acquiring necessary specialisation and experience in UK.

Dr. Bhushan Sabnis diagnosed that Pankaj is suffering from habitual dislocation of patella and needed earliest possible surgery which he confidently explained that he would be very normal after the surgery. Accordingly we approached him in December 2016 for the surgery. Dr Bhushan Sabnis explained us that surgery would be complex and would involve around five surgeries. We were already impressed with his approach, pleasant personality and confidence, we requested him to take all the decisions of required surgeries on the operation table and do the best possible. True to his skills and commitments, he conducted almost five surgeries i.e. derotation varising distal femoral osteotomy, MPFL reconstruction, Tibial tubercle transfer and lateral release, for more than three hours on 21.12.2012 followed by one more surgery on 22.03.2017 for de-tethering of tethered area in mid-thigh of operated left knee which caused some problem in knee bending. Leaving aside the medical terminologies, we are very happy today that because of the concerted efforts of Dr. Bhushan Sabnis, Pankaj recovered very fast and within four months, he gained strength in the left knee with stabilised patella.

Very importantly, Dr Bhushan Sabnis was approachable throughout, on what’s app / mobile and would advise promptly on any difficulties concerning to surgeries. Very patiently he listened to our queries and satisfied them and there was no time constraint. We experienced very pleasurable and comfortable meetings with him in every visit pre and post-operation.

The overall experience of the hospital stay, the team of doctors, physiotherapists, nurses, sisters, attendants, catering is excellent from the point of hospitality, humanity, cleanliness, hygiene. They all serve with smiling faces. “Service with smile” appears an unwritten pledge of the hospital.

Last but not the least, the professional fees charged by them is very reasonable as compared with the fees charged by some sub-urban hospital for the infrastructure and facilities provided by Sportsmed.

I sincerely thank Dr. Bhushan Sabnis, Dr. Anant Joshi and the entire team / staff of Sportsmed hospital and wish them all the very best. I recommend everyone in my friend circle and relatives to approach Sportsmed hospital for any of the orthopaedic problems

Thank you Doctor and the entire team of Sportsmed once again.

 Prakash Shet
Retired from L&T and now
Working as Consultant – Indirect Taxation your paragraph here.

 Dr. Bhushan is “God on Earth”. It is very seldom that you meet and exceptionally Talented Doctor who is a rare combination of Talent, Skills, Experience, Humbleness and Positivity. Dr. Bhushan is one of them. 

I am Akshay Pandit from Indore. My painful story started in Jan 2009 when my knee twisted badly while running. I had a major Patella dislocation. It was so painful that I couldn’t speak for next 5-10 minutes. My knee was swelled in next half an hour along with pain, tenderness, loss of ROM. I consulted and Orthopedic surgeon in Indore who prescribed some medicines, injections and advised rest. I started feeling better in a week. However in few days my knee cap started dislocating again. I felt that my knee joint is lax. I went to the same doctor which eventually made my situation even worse in next few days. 

Then I consulted another renowned orthopedic surgeon in Indore who prescribed me another set of medicines and advised Physiotherapy. My situation didn’t improve. In 2015, he diagnosed me that I had “Acute and Recurrent Patella dislocation” and he performed my first surgery in which he did lateral release and medial tightening along with loose body removal. 

While playing Table tennis in 2016, my patella dislocated again. The pain was unbearable and I was back to square one. The same surgeon performed second surgery in which he did MPFL reconstruction and medial tightening. I was happy for the next 2-3 years but one day I had knee locking which I ignored. However the frequency of knee locking increased in Geometric progression. The same surgeon told me that my medial compartment was damaged and he performed the third surgery in June 2021 in which he arthroscopically created micro fractures in Medial Femoral Condyle. My symptoms started worsening and I had miserable pain during activities as well as rest. He injected Sodium Hyaluronate but I was not getting any relief. My life became pathetic due to pain and I lost all the hopes. 

Then I consulted Bhushan sir at Sportsmed Mumbai on 18th Oct 2021. During the meeting itself, I realized that the proverb – “It’s always darkest before the dawn” is true. In the first few minutes only I felt that sir will solve all my problems and I will be living a normal life in next few days. 

Bhushan sir thoroughly examined my both knees – Rotational profile, laxity, alignment etc. This is for the first time any doctor gave importance to physical examination rather than reports or scans. He then reviewed the scans and the old papers and explained my original knee problem which was neither explained nor resolved by previous surgeons. His diagnosis was so accurate that he was able to tell me all the symptoms that I should be telling him. 

Bhushan sir told me that my case is really challenging which let my heart skip the beat (I was under the fear that whether sir is going to consider my case or not). The next moment he said that “I love challenges and lets do the best to treat you” which relieved me. He explained that I need Trochleoplasty (to correct the groove), Bumpectomy (to remove abnormal trochlear bump), TT Distalization (to remove patella alta), Lateral release, MPFL reconstruction and HTO (to offload the medial compartment). He promised me that after the recovery I will be able to play cricket/football with my 3 year old son. 

My previous surgeon had told me that the results of Trochleoplasty are not good and if that’s done then I will not be able to flex my knee beyond 30 degrees. Thus, it was a nightmare for me. I 

requested Bhushan sir to avoid it but he explained all the procedures with a knee model and assured me that he had done these procedures number of times in the past and all his patients are happy and I won’t be losing the ROM. He answered all our queries in detail and with a smiling face he kept on saying “ask”. The surgery was planned on 19th Oct. He told my wife that the procedure will be time taking and she should not worry. 

Finally on 19th Oct, I was taken to OT. Bhushan sir along with his team were present and while I was giving the anesthesia, sir recognized the nervousness and fear on my face and told me – “Akshay dar mat, me sab thik kar dunga”. The surgery took 4-5 hours and sir had verified that all my knee problems must be resolved. 

My knee bending started after 2 days which was performed by Bhushan sir. On the day 1 of knee bending it was beyond 45 degrees. All my fear of trochleoplasty had gone and I became more optimistic. During my hospital stay, he visited twice a day to see me. His presence was always positive. 

I was discharged from the hospital on 25th Oct 2021. On the day of discharge, Bhushan sir shared his contact details. He is always available on call/text to help his patients. He resolved all my queries, concerns and suggested the next steps on Whatsapp which has made things so easy else I would have to visit Mumbai for everything. I always felt motivated when I share my progress in form of videos or pictures and he praises it. 

I was able to achieve full ROM in 3 months. The same day I texted him – “Bhushan sir se Trochleoplasty karwao to full range aata hai”. 

Bhushan sir is idol for many of us. He is so humble that can be realized by the incident that I had requested for his appointment for 4th Dec 2021. He told me that he was available for consultation however he would be visiting Indore on 10th and 11th Dec to teach in a course and he would be able to see me there. It was an amazing and kind gesture from him. Bhushan sir, you are GREAT. 

Last but not the least – I am living a normal and pain free life now and resuming all the activites because of Bhushan sir’s efforts. Thank you is really a small word for you. I recommend Bhushan sir any of the Orthopedic issues. 

Thank you Sir. 

Yours Champion, 

Akshay Pandit

Visit Youtube channel: Bhushan Sabnis for more videos and info

                  I am writing this on behalf of my wife. I am very happy with Doctor Bhushan's treatment for my wife's knee replacement surgery. In 2019, we researched for a trusted doctor for my wife's knee surgery, as we were very sceptical whether to go for it or not. But trust me we made the best decision by meeting Dr. Bhushan, he did my wife's both knee surgeries in 2019 & 2021 successfully to an extent that she can now walk smoothly without any pain. He was very patient and understood the pain area and provided the best treatment for her. thank you Doctor!

Harindran Valapil

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Dr.Bhushan Sabnis, firstly a big thank you. He's not only an excellent surgeon but an amazing human being I have ever met. He is extremely calm and kind. One amazing quality he has is he would maintain complete transparency with his patients. His confidence to resolve a complex case like mine gave me a relief that I'm in safe hands. It seems its his passion to take n resolve complex cases with ease. He's always there to answer your queries and gives you satisfactory explanation unless you're convinced. I remember right from my first meet till date of my post operative visits, one thing he has constantly asked me "ask?" (this brings smile on my face) which means he not only understands that I had a query but also ready to answer the same n explain me well. This is the best I have ever seen in any doctor. He's completely approachable and always boosted my confidence pre-post surgery. He's truly a gem and god's messenger gifted to us in this era to our nation. Stay blessed doctor. Loads of Love and Thanks for being there.