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Dr Bhushan M Sabnis
MS-Orth, DNB-Orth, MRCS (Edinburgh)
FRCS (Tr&Orth)- Edinburgh,

Dip CAOS-UK-Glasgow.


   Your Knee Problems............... knee replacement knee operations knee ligaments    Solved!

New OPD: OrthoDocs clinic, Andheri W

Phone for appointments: 8928608377

Welcome to my website.

Some of the surgical images are quite graphic; just to make you aware!

  Specialist in

  •    Arthroscopic surgeries of the knee joint
  •   Ligament reconstructions
  •   Management of complex knee trauma
  •   Realignment Osteotomies around knee
  •   Management of unstable patella
  •   Meniscal scaffolds/ transplants
  •   Unicompartmental knee replacements
  •   Patellofemoral/ Bicompartmental knee    
  •   replacements
  •   Total Knee Replacements
  •   Revision Knee Replacements
  •   Primary and Complex Hip Surgery
  •   Management of Complex Limb Trauma

  Hospital Attachments:

  •   Sportsmed Clinic, Parel, Mumbai
  •   Global Hospital, Parel, Mumbai
  •   Reliance Foundation Sir HN Hospital,       Girgaum, Mumbai
  •  Hiranandani Hospital, Powai, Mumbai
  •  Apollo Hospital, New Mumbai


                Recent achievements:

   1. Live Surgical Demonstration at the 'London Complex       

       Osteotomy Masterclass' Feb 2019

       i. Medial opening Wedge HTO

       ii. Slope changing HTO

       iii. Distal femoral derotation + varising osteotomy

       iv. MiEye- Office arthroscopy demonstration

   2. Live surgical demonstration at Wexham Park Cruciate 

       meeting at Ascot, London on 15-16th Dec 2018

       i. All inside ACLR using MIS harvested quads graft

       ii. All inside PCL reconstruction.

   3. Live surgery at Pune Knee Course - All Inside PCL 

       reconstruction, April 2018

   4. Inducted in "Number 9" club at Newcastle football          

       ground; was felicitated as International Faculty in

       'Northern Osteotomy Course' at Newcastle, UK.

   5. Live Surgical demonstration on All inside ACL        

       Reconstrcution with concurrent High Tibial Osteotomy at

       Northern Osteotomy Course, Newcastle, UK

   6. Recent Publication in KSSTA: Paper on Biomechanical

       comparison of grafts in ACL reconstruction; a

       Biomechancial Robotic study- done at Imperial College,

       London. Published in KSSTA Sep 2016.

   7. Completed a 600 km cycle ride from Shimla to Manali                   via Spitti Valley. 

  Interesting X ray/ case of the week 

    ACL avulsion fracture in a 7 year old

    See the treatment image on blog page